bones body shop

Our Approach

We take pride in being a family owned business. We will do our best to make you feel welcome and connected with opening up new projects.  Our buisness is your buisness. We have spent many years working on a variety of cars, so let us share that experience with you.  Whether its Mopar, Chevy, or Ford we have you covered.



Our Story

After years of working for large corporations that cared more about quantity than quality, Bones Body Shop was formed for the necessity of a better workplace for customers and their cars. Our origins stem from a need to make a lasting name in classic car creations and maintenance. In 2004 our doors opened and through word of mouth Bones Body Shop has been steadily growing for the last 18 years and will hopefully continue to grow.

Meet the Team

The people who keep Bones Body Shop moving are truly remarkable people. Read below to find out more.

James Bonesteel

Founder & CEO

Since a young age, James has always been passionate about cars. James started learning about automotives from his older brothers. While taking classes in high school James decided that body work was ideal.  He had also had many years of experience with body work in other shops, before creating his own business known as, Bones Body Shop.

Donna Bonesteel


Donna is the sole reason Bones Body Shop was even possible in its moments of creation. She has allowed many things to take a back seat all while trying to complete the grueling process of owning your own business.


Come take a glance at our gallery, where you will find the long list of restorations we have completed.